The Spirit of Mark Fisher For Governor

Not sure what he was going for with this ad.

Mark Fisher, the conservative underdog running against Charlie Baker for the Republican gubernatorial nomination, has a new introductory web video out, which you can watch below. I actually thought it was quite good…up until the end when it began blaring out the old tourism jingle “The Spirit of Massachusetts.”

That jingle, for those of you under a certain age, was the peppy theme of a series of TV ads in the mid- to late-1980s; I’ve dropped one of them in below. I can only assume that the use of this upbeat throwback is to associate Fisher in Republican voters’ minds with the Bay State’s glory days when Michael Dukakis was governor. Wait, what?

Those of you under a certain age, on the other hand, will likely associate the tune with Peter Griffin, the lunkheaded boob from TV’s Family Guy, who reprised the song in an episode of that show. Again, not sure that’s the image Fisher should be going for, either.

But hey, it’s his video after all.