Mega-Mansion Lineup: A Look at Boston’s Sports Stars Homes

Tom and Gisele are finally putting down roots in Massachusetts, with the purchase of a 5-plus-acre swath of Brookline land from Pine Manor College last spring. So how does the under-construction Patriots manor stack up against the area’s other major-league monstrosities?

boston sports mansions 1

Pats a Punch
Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen

Land value: $4.5 million

Roughly the size of their California home, Tom and Gisele’s 14,317-square-foot Brookline manse is a study in restraint…if you compare it to John Henry’s nearby abode. It will have five bedrooms, four bathrooms, plus a few more bells and whistles. But nothing special—a yoga studio, an outdoor infinity pool, a gym (hey, Tom: be sure to deduct that from your taxes), and a garage with a dog-washing station. Very sensible. We promise to come by with a casserole once you’ve settled in.

boston sports mansions 2

Red Sox Ramble
John Henry and Linda Pizzuti

House value: $16 million

At 36,301 square feet, the couple’s six-bed, nine-bath copy-and-paste-style estate lords over the adjacent Sargent Pond in Brookline’s most exclusive neighborhood (yes, it is gated). After tearing down rival Frank McCourt’s 13,000-square-foot Georgian-style abode in 2006, Henry built this grand example of, ahem, fine home construction. Amenities include a bowling alley, two separate kitchens, a “sports lounge,” and a safe room. For when neighbors show up bearing casseroles, no doubt.

boston sports mansions 3

No Rim
Jim Pallotta

Property value: $21 million

Apologies. We feel a little sheepish bringing up Pallotta’s McMansion yet again—we dubbed it “The House That Ate Weston” back in 2007. But hey, you know what? The house is still colossal by even the most jaded McMansion standards. Pallotta, a part owner of the Celtics, wedged a basketball court, 12-seat movie theater, multi-room wine cellar, and 10-car garage into his 27,000-square-foot tribute to Mammon. Construction destroyed the site, but pricey shrubbery can cover a multitude of sins.

— Plus —


Jeff Vinik, part owner of the Red Sox, is selling his 19,000-square-foot Weston house for $17 million. The abode comes with an indoor basketball court, 16-seat theater, heated pool, billiards room, wine cellar, and an “interactive” science-fiction-themed arcade.

Kevin Garnett’s Concord home, listed at $4.85 million, is a modest 11,000 square feet. For that paltry sum, you’ll get almost 13 acres, a wine cellar, a gym, and a media room.