The Driver Involved in the MBTA Green Line Trolley Crash Was Fired

Officials said it was "human error" that led to the derailment.

Photo via Boston Fire Department

Photo via Boston Fire Department

After conducting an investigation into what caused a Green Line trolley to derail and crash into the side of a wall, injuring passengers and bringing service to a standstill on Monday, the operator of the vehicle was fired.

According to a source, Sydley Gardner, 48, was relieved from his duties as a trolley driver with the MBTA after officials determined that the crash was a result of negligent operation.

In a statement about what caused the derailment and subsequent crash, the transit agency concluded that it was “the result of human error.”

Officials would not identify Gardner directly, but said the trolley driver failed to operate the vehicle “in compliance with speed and signal requirements.” During the investigation process, which spanned nearly five days, the MBTA ruled out any problems with the trolley, tracks, switch, or signals.

Monday’s derailment occurred in a tunnel where the tracks for the D and C lines intersect. The first trolley car of a two-car D train that was heading to Riverside station came off of the tracks just west of Kenmore Station. Once the trolley came off of the tracks, it crashed into the side of the wall. There were roughly 40 people on the train at the time of the crash. Passengers who were onboard had to be walked off of the trolley and through the tunnel in order to get out. It was then that first responders took 10 riders to the hospital who said they were experiencing pain as a result of the accident.