Boston Marathon Mile Guide

Runners and spectators, follow these game plans to have the best Boston Marathon experience ever.


In the Beginning

All is still on Marathon Monday morning. Once runners get off the bus in Hopkinton, there’s only way back: on foot.


Game Plan: Wellesley

In this tony suburb, it’s all about the “Scream Tunnel,” that infamous wall of sound created by the students at Wellesley College just before runners hit the halfway mark. Undergrads are known to dole out motivational kisses to exhausted marathoners, too.


Game Plan: Boston College

The coeds that station themselves at the top of Heartbreak Hill know their beer-soaked enthusiasm gives runners a much-needed spike in adrenaline as they hit the Heights.


Game Plan: Kenmore Square

Expect ebullient Sox fans to pour out of Fenway just as the mid-pack of runners swarms Kenmore Square.

MILE 26.2

Game Plan: The Finish Line

All eyes will be on Boylston Street, and there’s no better place to celebrate our resilience.