An Ode to Government Center Station

A rider with a strange love for the now-closed transit hub reflected on their time on the inside.

Image via MBTA

Image via MBTA

It was devastating news for MBTA riders when they found out that the Government Center station was closing down for two years—two whole years!—so T officials could renovate the busy transit hub and spruce up its interior and exterior. With the heavy work and reconstruction now underway, people are upset, to say the least. But perhaps no one mourned the (temporary) loss of Government Center like one of the last riders to pass through its dilapidated hallways following his final commute to the stop.

On Friday, the MBTA sent over a poem called “Rebuilding-Transformation-Gratitude“—or ode, if you will—that was scrawled on the old, grimy walls of the station by one of the last riders to leave the structure. The poem essentially tips a hat to the memories created within the confines of the dingy space that connects riders to the Green and Blue Lines. While many people’s memories are limited to lingering thoughts of being jammed up against a stroller on a crowded B Line train, or stuck shoulder-to-shoulder with other riders in the musty underground station on a sweltering summer’s eve, this passenger managed to find the good that Government Center had to offer, and expressed that gratitude in bold, black letters:


Dear Government Center
Thank you!
How many times have I passed through your halls?
How Many Seasons?
Blue Line to Green Line to work.
Green Line to Blue Line to Home.
Habit of my daily commute
How many moments with family and friends?
Returning with family after I ran the Boston Marathon.
Heightened excitement on the way to the Celtics, Red Sox, Bruins game.
So many comings and goings of so many people you have seen.
Red Brick entry way, Landmark on City Hall Plaza.
Thank you people who built Scolley Square and the Government Center Station
Thank you people who are building the new Government Center over the next two years
I look forward to enjoying your work of excellence.

Thank you
Love Sincerely