‘Google Naps’ Tells You Where to Publicly Snooze in Boston

The tool/parody allows users to crowdsource nap spots around town.


The return of spring in Boston brings many possibilities, among them the chance to take a nap in public without freezing to death. That’s probably not first on your springtime bucket list, but if public displays of unconsciousness are your thing, then check out Google Naps, a crowdsourced map project/parody where users can suggest the best spots for catching a quick rest all around the country.

The project doesn’t come from Google, but from the marketers Venour and Kakhiel of the Netherlands, who assert their goodnatured intentions with the project, writing on the site:

Dear Sergey & Larry (and other Googlers) Hello, please don’t be mad this is just a joke, a parody. We don’t mean to damage your brand or anything, we just want to bring a smile on the faces of Google fans. So please don’t take this to court, we only have a few hundred Euros in the bank.

Joke or not, users have been uploading their favorite spots, along with reasons the spaces make for a good naps. That brings us to Boston where users have already put in suggestions both real and sarcastic. There’s a place right near the Paul Revere House submitted by a user who answers the question “Why should I nap here?” with “The red coats are coming…and we must rest beforehand.” (Think of it as a historical reeNAPment. (…Sorry.))

Someone named “Dolores” suggested a spot on a bench right by the Children’s Museum because there’s a water view. “Beware of children,” Dolores warns, but adds, “not many drug dealers or suspicion characters…” so that’s good. 

“Sam” suggested a gazebo on Spectacle Island in Boston Harbor. “Russell” suggested a bench in the rose garden, saying “Secluded and peaceful. Plenty of rabbits and squirrels to keep you company.”

Some of the more serious suggestions get at an interesting benefit to ‘Google Naps.’ While no user can completely assure your safety or comfort, the tool does provide a surprising insight into the quieter corners of the city where, if you don’t actually catch some zzzs, you might at least find some peace in the warmer months.