Jonny Gomes Is Auctioning Off the Flag Jacket That Obama Called ‘Nice’

For just several thousand dollars, it could be yours!



Gather up your cash and head on over to and perhaps you could be the proud, new owner of a very loud, very patriotic sports coat with a lot of Sharpie markings on it.

Jonny Gomes is auctioning off the American flag jacket he wore to the White House to meet President Obama and giving the proceeds to the Travis Roy Foundation. The jacket is, if possible, even more extreme in appearance than it was when Gomes wore it as it now sports autographs from 30 Red Sox players and coaches in permanent marker. So… this might be one of those coats you frame and hang over the mantel (that’s a thing, right?) rather than a coat you wear around town.

So far, someone is willing to pay $5,100 for the jacket, and with bidding open until May 4, that number is sure to go up.

You may find all this amusing given that David Ortiz also earned some money off this White House victory visit (though not for charity) by taking a selfie with the president in his paid role as a promoter of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. This suggests that there are, apparently, numerous ways to monetize a White House trip. Or perhaps you find it amusing given that Ortiz and Shane Victorino auctioned off their beard clippings, which suggests that the Red Sox could put their used Old Spice sticks up for sale and someone would probably buy those, too.

Whatever amuses you in this tale, it probably does not amuse Gomes, who is taking it all very seriously. Obama liked his jacket, he assures you.

“He approved,” Gomes said. “He made sure to tell me he liked it and he thanked me for his and the team signing it and he definitely approved. He made sure, he looked me right in the eyes ‘nice jacket.'”

So there you have it. Buy Jonny Gomes’s jacket. Reviewers are calling it “nice” and “flag-like.” And it could be yours for just a few (several) thousand dollars.