Tom Brady Really Enjoys the Kentucky Derby

This year, No. 12 showed up in a hot-air balloon.

This year, Boston’s favorite horse “Wicked Strong” didn’t pull off a win at the Kentucky Derby, but luckily, there’s another tradition at Churchill Downs that a New Englander can always count on: Tom Brady-watching.

Indeed, for those of you who aren’t big horse racing fans, the Derby nonetheless holds some entertainment value for its people-watching. This year, Brady and his bro Wes Welker did not disappoint. In past years, Brady has used the opportunity to bro out while dressed like an haut-couture Mark Twain. This year, he put a twist on the look with a faux-hawk of sorts. As with many of his hair choices, it is getting mixed reviews.

Then there’s this: the Herald reports that like the Great and Powerful Oz himself, Brady arrived at Friday night’s gala for Barnstable Brown via hot air balloon. Yes, hot air balloon. Apparently the Derby was just a pit stop in Brady’s quest to circle the world in 80 days. Celebrities: they’re just like us! (To the irked Boston fans who wish he’d supported Wicked Strong, perhaps he can just blame the wind patterns for setting him down at the wrong party.)

Eyewitnesses say Brady was happy to see the favorite California Chrome win the race, but not as happy as he was at last year’s win, nor as happy as Welker, who won enough cash that he started handing the crowd $100 bills until a security guard made him stop. That seems like a good safety decision because if Welker and Brady got mobbed, it might be hard to make a speedy exit in their, um, get-away balloon.