Patriots Kick Off Discounted ‘Jersey Guarantee’ Program

If a player leaves the team and you want to get rid of a shirt with his name on it, get a new one at a lower cost.

Image via AP

Image via AP

Did one of your favorite Patriots players get traded not long after you bought a jersey bearing his name? Or perhaps your idol was arrested and charged for allegedly being involved in a horrible crime. If that’s the case, fear not: the ProShop is letting fans get new shirts for cheap if theirs are no longer relevant to the team.

In a notice that went out to Patriots Nation this week, officials announced that they were kicking off a first-of-its-kind “jersey swap” program so that anyone who snags a full-price jersey after May 8, can get a new one at a discounted rate if a given player leaves the Patriots the same year the product was purchased.

“In the event the player is no longer under contract—for example, is released, traded, retires, signs elsewhere—within one year of the jersey purchase, the customer can purchase a new jersey…at a 25% discount with proof of purchase. If the player is still under contract with the Patriots upon expiration of the one-year period, the Guarantee expires,” according to the details of the swap-out program.

The Patriots are reportedly the first team in the league offering this type of “jersey guarantee” program to its fans, which is meant to ease concerns about shelling out wads of cash for a piece of clothing. Redemption is available through, the Patriots ProShop at Gillette Stadium, or the Patriots ProShop Collection by presenting the original receipt. Fans also don’t have to give up the old jersey if they decide to keep it for sentimental reasons—even though the player won’t have direct ties to the team.

While this swap is a new initiative, the Patriots have hosted an exchange before. Last year, when former player Aaron Hernandez was arrested in connection with the murder of Odin Lloyd, and subsequently removed from the team, there was a free jersey exchange of any #81 Hernandez jersey that people had bought. That trade-in lasted a week. More than 1,200 fans showed up and got rid of the shirts.