Woman Rescued After Falling Onto Orange Line Tracks

Bystanders wasted no time coming to her aid.

Bystanders came to a woman’s aid after she tumbled over the side of a platform at an MBTA stop this week, and landed on the tracks below.

According to MBTA spokesperson Kelly Smith, a 44-year-old woman suffered from pain on the right side of her body after she fell onto the Orange Line tracks at Back Bay. At 8:45 p.m. on Tuesday, May 13, the unidentified woman stepped over the yellow line face-first, before she was rescued by other passengers that were mulling around, waiting for a train to arrive.

The incident, which was captured on one of the MBTA’s overhead security cameras, shows the woman walking down the steps and into the station before she suddenly veers to her right, steps over the edge, and crashes into the pit. Within seconds, more than one person hopped down onto the tracks to help her up, as others offered a lending hand from the landing.

Officials from the T said, luckily, the woman never made contact with the third rail. There was no train in the immediate area, either, they said. “She was assisted off the tracks, and then taken to Tufts Medical Center for treatment,” a spokesperson for the transit agency said.

People springing into action when witnessing a person plummeting toward the pits at MBTA stations isn’t surprising. In September 2013, bystanders waiting for a train at North Station rushed in to help a man who fell onto the tracks after he walked off of the platform.

Roughly one month later, video cameras captured a 31-year-old woman falling on the tracks at the Davis Square Red Line station. Similarly, bystanders rushed to her aid within seconds, despite the possible risk of hitting the third rail.

Earlier this month, an MBTA police detective was thinking on his feet when he lunged after a man who was intentionally trying to jump down to the railway, in an attempt to take his own life.