A Deer Created a Bloody Scene for Cohasset Police After Crashing Through a Window

Sadly, the animal didn't survive.

Image via Cohasset Police

Image via Cohasset Police

Police responded to a call in Cohasset on Tuesday after a female deer came crashing through the windows of a house, creating what looked like a scene from a horror film.

According to police, officers arrived at a home on Nichols Road around 8:15 a.m. to find a doe running loose inside a resident’s bedroom and bathroom, dripping and smearing blood all over the white tile floors and bathtub.

Police said in a report that they “observed trails of blood” leading to the bathroom, where they found a large female deer trying to “smash her way out” of the residence. After securing that area of the house, police called in the Massachusetts Environmental Police and Cohasset Animal Control to help get the animal to safety.

Police said local veterinarian Dr. Fawn Stevenson, owner of Crazy Paws in Cohasset, was also called to the scene to assist in tranquilizing the frantic animal. “After the doctor sedated the doe, it was removed to Dr. Stevenson’s office in Cohasset Village,” police said.

Unfortunately, while police initially reported that the deer was expected to survive, experts later said they were unable to keep the animal alive due to the extensive bleeding caused by the lacerations on the doe’s legs. “It was not for lack of trying to save her. Hats off to Dr. Stevenson and her amazing crew,” police said in a statement.

While the photos are somewhat gruesome, Cohasset Police said they decided to share them online to show people the “real hazards” that they deal with on a daily basis, and the efforts people like the crew from Crazy Paws put into helping save animals’ lives.

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