Linda Dorcena Forry Joins the Harvard Caucus

She's the eighth state senator to graduate from Harvard.

Photo provided

Photo provided

Linda Dorcena Forry of Dorchester graduated Thursday from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, making her the seventh state senator to hold at least one diploma from that august institution.

Michael Barrett and John Keenan went to Harvard undergraduate. Smarty-pants Will Brownsberger got his bachelor of arts and law degrees there. Pat Jehlen got a teaching masters, Tom Kennedy got a masters in public administration, and Jason Lewis has a BA and MBA from Harvard.

By my count, Forry’s accomplishment ties Harvard with the University of Massachusetts (counting all campuses) for the lead, at seven out of the 40 state senators. Boston College claims just four, as does college-next-door Suffolk University.

Of course, they all answer to a senate president who didn’t graduate from college at all. (Which happens to be one of the things I respect about Therese Murray.) So, put that in your Ivy League pipe and smoke it.

Update: It turns out that Barry Finegold has a Masters from the Harvard Kennedy School, giving Harvard a tie-breaking eight.