Uber Offers Boat Service for a Limited Time

Drop a pin on a map and a captain will pick you up.

Image via Uber

Image via Uber

For a few weeks this month, Uber users can say “Ahoy!” to a new service being offered by the on-demand transportation company: UberBOAT.

In a post on their blog on Tuesday, Uber announced the new initiative, which will last from June 4 through June 15, and allow fans of the black-car provider to use their existing app to hail a water taxi service, powered by Boston Harbor Cruises, around the Boston Harbor.

“Slip on your boat shoes, throw on that captain’s hat, and get ready to move around Boston in a whole new way,” the company said in the post announcing the new temporary service. “Sail over to the ICA for First Friday. Add a splash of fun to your morning commute—or even a quick cruise to or from Logan.”

The UberBOAT option will allow people to ride around in the waters from Monday through Saturday, 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m., and on Sundays, from 6:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. A one-way ride will cost $10 per person, in addition to a $1 Uber booking fee, according to the company. A 20 percentgratuity will also be automatically added to the tab for boat service, which will go toward the captain of the vessel.

In order to access the UberBOAT option, users have to be within a quarter-mile of the harbor. When they are close enough, the app will then display an UberBOAT icon on the screen. From there, people can simply “place a pin” on a map , indicating where they want to be picked up near the docks, and hit the “Request” button. Soon after, a boat will appear. “Once your request has been accepted, the captain will give you a call to confirm your location and provide additional details on reaching the dock,” the company said.

Uber expects the service to be wildly popular, both due to the weather, as well as the limited-time offer, so they are asking customers to be patient as they await the opportunity to set sail on the city’s seas, and skip using a cab, bus, or train to get around.

To help customers find out where the best spots are for them to hail a water taxi, they compiled an interactive map, and posted it on their website.