We Mapped Out Your Democratic Convention-Eve Partying

Plus: An expert guide to making the most of the free food and drinks. (And photos of the hosts.)

At least a dozen parties are scheduled for delegates to this weekend’s Democratic state convention in Worcester—most in staggering distance of one another, and some in the same building.

We’ve put together a helpful map for you, along with my guide below for making the most of it. If you go, be sure to tweet pix of pols enjoying the festivities!

Begin: Union Station, 7 p.m.

Get your credentials, watch Suzanne Bump and Bill Galvin speak—no, duck out of that early and walk a few blocks from the DCU Center to Steve Grossman’s shindig. This is probably going to be the best free food and drink availability—but everybody else will know that, so you want to get there before the pols and activists clean it out. If you’re having a “selfies with pols” contest, this will be an excellent place to rack up some pix.

Hilton Garden Inn, 7:30 p.m.

Belly full, walk back to the DCU Center area and find at three parties in one building. Stop in first with Steve Kerrigan, your likely next Lieutenant Governor from central Massachusetts. Stare at him while trying to figure out what actor he vaguely reminds you of. (A: Nathan Lane.) Then move on to the competing Attorney General candidates, Maura Healey and Warren Tolman, holding their parties in different ballrooms in the hotel. Look for fights in the hallways in between.

Vive Bene, 8 p.m.

Now take a quick walk from the DCU Center to where Cambridge councilor Leland Cheung, running for Lieutenant Governor, should have some fun young hipsters to share a first drink with. And gubernatorial wannabe Joe Avellone’s party is in the same facility; Worcester is his biggest base of support, so he should have a fun crowd—if he doesn’t, well, then you know Saturday’s gonna be rough for his campaign. Grab a quick drink and move on.

Citizen Wine Bar, 8:30 p.m.

Right around the corner from Vive Bene, this is Lieutenant Governor candidate Mike Lake’s party. You and 99.5 percent of Massachusetts citizens have no idea who he is, but every single member of that other 0.5 percent is going to be at this party—it could be the surprise hot spot of the night. Downside: Lake has raised very little money, so don’t expect a big spread of free food. Down one drink and move along.

Marriott Hotel, 8:50 p.m.

Jump in a cab to get to the one inconvenient location—it could be worth it for the “Celebrate Diversity” party hosted by the relatively new Latino Caucus. But I’m a little skeptical that many delegates are going to stray this far, so keep the cab running. [Update: this party has been conveniently re-located to The Venue, so walk over and use the cab fare on better tequila.]

Fiddler’s Green, 9:15 p.m.

Take your cab to the party farthest in the other direction, hosted by gubernatorial candidate Don Berwick. There should be a lot of people there in high spirits. Try not to talk to them about politics, though, because his supporters can be very, very earnest.

Union Station, 9:30 p.m.

Walk a couple of blocks back toward the DCU Center, and you’re back at Union Station, where the Young Democrats should be getting the party started at Byblos Lounge. As a bonus, you might be in time to catch the last wave of pols and food at Grossman’s party.

Mezcal, 10 p.m.

Walk back to the main area and join the host committee. Look to see if Chamber of Commerce head and former Lietuenant Governor is hanging out, and whether folks are talking to him. (My guess: yes and yes.)

End: Bar FX, 10:15 p.m.

That’s right, start with Grossman, end with Martha Coakley. Right around the corner from Mexcal, and right back near the DCU Center, you can stagger in properly drunk and get out all your best Coakley jokes. Recommended: “Hey, is it OK that I parked in the tow zone or is that reserved for the AG?”

[Update: A party hosted by Ed Markey, Suzanne Bump, and Bill Galvin is at Maxwell-Silverman’s 25 Union Street, at 8:30]