Things Older Than Celtics Draftee James Young

(Other than you, of course.)



On Thursday, the Celtics drafted Oklahoma State guard Marcus Smart and Kentucky guard James Young. At 18 years old, Young was the second youngest player to be drafted this year. This prompted Celtics sportscaster Sean Grande to tweet the following observation:

That’s right. People responded with groans and cries of “I’m old!” and “Where’s the rat poison?” (Not made up.) Isn’t this a fun game? And it doesn’t have to end there. James Young was born in August 1995. Here are some other fun landmarks: When he was born, the No. 1 song in America was TLC’s “Waterfalls.”


Its basically still in the Top 40, right? James Young was born three years after Larry Bird played his final game.

Yes, Larry Bird was retired when Young came into this world.

James Young was two years old when the Celtics picked up Paul Pierce in the draft.



They now play in the same league.

Since James Young was born, the Celtics have won just one NBA championship. It was in 2008.

In about two years, James Young will be able to legally drink champagne with his teammates if they should win a big game.

Okay, okay, we’ll stop. What’s the point of all this? The NBA drafts young guys all the time. Young’s not even the youngest player drafted this year. Hm? That isn’t making you feel better? Right. The point is that you’re old. Probably, you are older than James Young. It’s okay, plenty of things are older than James Young. Like Justin Bieber. Or the TV show “Law & Order.” You get older and the NBA draftees stay the same age. It’s like they say in the “Lion King” (another thing older than James Young): it’s the circle of life.