Duck Dynasty + Sam Adams = Massachusetts GOP?

Things are getting weird.

A brand-new federal Super PAC organized in mid-April, with the intriguing moniker New Majority For Massachusetts. Its listed treasurer, Charles Gantt, is a former Mitt Romney hand and the current VP at Beverly-based Republican consulting firm Red Curve Solutions.

That’s about all we knew until Tuesday, which was the second-quarter filing deadline at the Federal Election Commission. In its report submitted that day, New Majority For Massachusetts showed that it had raised $52,400 and spent just $112, leaving $52,288 on hand.

The money came from just two contributions. The first was $50,000, days after the paperwork creating the Super PAC was formed, from Lisa Robertson, of West Monroe, Louisiana, who listed herself as “homemaker.” The second, for $2,400, originated a little closer to home: Cynthia Fisher of Newton, Massachusetts, managing director of WaterRev.

Robertson is better known as the wife of the non-bearded guy on the A&E show “Duck Dynasty.” At the very time in mid-April when she was funding this Massachusetts-oriented federal Super PAC, she was also on a promotional tour for the book The Women of Duck Commander.

You might also be familiar with Fisher’s husband: Jim Koch, billionaire founder and chairman of Boston Beer Co., brewer of Samuel Adams beer. Fisher has been a big political donor for years, often to Democrats but turning more toward Republicans in recent years.

There are no limits to what Robertson and Fisher—and others—can contribute to the Super PAC. But it’s a mystery what Massachusetts federal race or races they wish to get involved with. Thus far, my attempts to contact Gantt, Fisher, and Robertson have not been fruitful. I’ll let you know if I find out more—or perhaps they’ll start spending money and we’ll all find out together.