Boston Puppies Stolen During Burglary

Police need help tracking them down.

Photos via BPD

Photos via BPD

A case involving two missing puppies has gone to the dogs, and the Boston Police Department is asking for the public’s help to try and solve the mystery.

On Friday, police from District E-5, in West Roxbury, put out a plea to the community asking for information in regards to two “bully” puppies that were lifted from an apartment during an apparent robbery.

According to police detectives, the puppies, described as gray, brown, and white, were taken from their home on Washington Street in Roslindale.

“The victim reported that two eight-week-old, tri-colored female American bully puppies were stolen from the victim’s residence,” police said in a post on their website calling for people with any knowledge about the pooches’ whereabouts to reach out to them and offer up the information.

Police stressed that just because the puppies were reported stolen, doesn’t mean that the person who has them is necessarily the person who took them away.

“The individual in possession of these puppies is NOT wanted at this time,” police said. “This information is being disseminated for identification purposes only.”

So go, be a hero. Find the puppies that lost their way.