Not Much Beverly Police Could Do About Justin Bieber’s Big Party

The Massachusetts Police Department fielded a complaint about a rager happening 3,000 miles away.


Associated Press

The waves of noise emanating from the house parties of Dastardly Canadian Princelet Justin Bieber have grown so intolerable that the complaints are echoing all the way across the country. Yes, even small-town police departments in Massachusetts are fielding phone calls about the misdeeds of the scandal-plagued pop star.

Okay, so really it’s just one police department that received one call complaining about The Biebs and for fairly obvious reasons. On Sunday, the Beverly, Massachusetts, police department posted the following update to their Facebook page:

Apparently Justin Bieber had a big party last night. A citizen called Beverly Police wishing to remain anonymous this morning at 04:45 to complain about Bieber having a party at his Oakhurst home on the rooftop that was out of control. #Bieberproblems

Sure, the scandal-plagued star has had some geographically diverse PR hiccups lately. He was arrested in Florida for a DUI. He was photographed leaving a house of ill repute in Brazil. But does a little house party really necessitate dispatching backup from 3,000 miles away to his Oakhurst home? Sure, Beverly, Mass., PD could probably spare a cruiser for a little cross-country trip to Oakhurst to check in on the ruckus coming from the Swaggy Bro Estate. Not to worry, neighbors, an officer should be by to sort this out in … oh, six or seven days (depending on whether he takes a detour to see the world’s biggest ball of yarn). But really. Bieber’s got a big entourage, but they’re probably nothing a well-funded California police department can’t handle.

No, this is, of course, just a case of a misdirected phone call. The Bieber home in question is, by all reports, a $27,000/month condo in Beverly Hills, California. Indeed, reports that phone operators frequently mix up Beverly, Massachusetts, and Beverly Hills, California, when directing callers, which likely explains how the the complaint found its way to these parts. And actually, the two municipalities have a relationship that extends back further than the era of wrong numbers. Beverly Hills is named for the Beverly Farms neighborhood of Beverly, Mass., which was the well-known vacation destination of President Taft when Californians selected the name. But while Taft might have given the place a star-studded allure back in the day, Beverly Hills has obviously eclipsed it in terms of celebrity density (American Idol contestants aside). That’s got its advantages, no doubt, but Beverly Police were still probably relieved this weekend that the #BieberProblem was #SomebodyElsestoDealWith.