Mayor Walsh Just Dumped a Bucket of Ice Water Over David Bernstein’s Head

Marty Walsh called out Boston magazine's contributing editor to the "Ice Bucket Challenge"—then promptly stopped by to do the honors.

When Mayor Marty Walsh endured the chill of cold water trickling down his back for the now-viral “Ice Bucket Challenge,” he was quick to call out a few familiar local names to keep the challenge going.

One of those names happened to be Boston magazine contributing editor David Bernstein.

And while Bernstein gladly accepted his fate, Walsh decided—scratch that, demanded—the best way to handle soaking Bernstein with gallons of ice water would be to do it with a political edge.

Armed with a bucket, some fancy ribbon, and a big pair of novelty scissors typically used at ceremonial city events, Walsh and his entourage showed up at Boston magazine’s office on Mass. Aveon Thursday, and had the honor of dousing Bernstein in front of his coworkers.

“I’m going to really enjoy this, by the way,” Walsh said, before hopping onto a stool and letting the flow of water crash down onto Bernstein’s head.

But Bernstein didn’t seem to mind too much, because the whole stunt was in the name of charity.

“It was cold,” Bernstein confirmed.

Maybe in more ways than one.

The “Ice Bucket Challenge,” which was started locally by Peter Frates, a 29-year-old former Division I Boston College baseball captain who was diagnosed two years ago with ALS, raises awareness about the progressive and degenerative disease, and gets people to raise money to fund research for a cure.

Within weeks of launching his campaign with his wife, the challenge went viral, locally making its way to Patriots player Julian Edelman, numerous TV anchors, Bruins players, police officers, and firefighters.

So who’s next? Well, Bernstein called out John Connolly, Bonnie Mcgilpin, Chandra Allard, Leigh R. Appleby, and Tim Buckley. Time to start buying some ice, folks.