MBTA Train Derails in Tunnel, Riders Forced to Walk Along Tracks

Another glorious Monday on the Green Line.

MBTA officials are looking into what caused a Green Line trolley to come off the tracks after leaving Kenmore, forcing riders on board to walk through the tunnel to exit the station.

According to a spokesperson for the T, at around 9:45 a.m. on Monday, one train car derailed just east of Kenmore Station. There were no reported injuries as a result of the derailment, and there was no visible damage to the MBTA vehicle, they said. Transit officials are launching an investigation to determine the cause of the incident.

Shuttle buses replaced the Green Line’s B-Line trains between Blandford Street and Copley Stations as crews worked to get the train back on the tracks and remove it from the tunnel. Green Line subway service was also replaced with shuttle buses between Kenmore and Copley Stations in both directions, according to the MBTA’s website.

The derailment led to “severe delays” as large crowds funneled out of the various T stations impacted by the service interruptions, and waited on the streets for shuttle buses to arrive. Some riders reported that it took awhile for replacement shuttles to show up at stops like Kenmore Square, as the masses of commuters continued to swell and spill over from the sidewalks onto the streets.

Fire officials who responded to Kenmore, an hour after the reported derailment, said one person needed assistance with the evacuation. They cleared the accident scene just after 10:47 a.m.