The Bullpen Cop Gets a Bobblehead, Achieves Lasting Fame

Steve Horgan passed an important benchmark of the truly notable.

Steve Horgan, better known as that cop we forced to pose with his hands in the air for months on end, has passed an important benchmark of the truly famous. No, it’s not that he often gets recognized in public. Any dummy with a Vine following can achieve that. No, no, Steve Horgan has received an honor much greater than public recognition: his own bobblehead doll.

The gatekeepers at Big Celebrity don’t let just anyone have a figurine with a lack of neck support made in their image, either. (Jon Hamm just received his at a Cardinals game this week.) But Horgan etched himself into our collective memories when his celebration of David Ortiz’s game-tying grand slam in the ALCS last fall was caught in an unforgettable photo. Horgan’s bobblehead doll is notable for showing him in the exact pose that earned him his notoriety. He’s clenching one fist and opening his palm in the other in a move that came to be known as “#Horganing.”

For embodying the spirit of an entire nation (comma Red Sox) Horgan was presented with the doll at a Fenway Park ceremony last night.

Now he’s part of an exclusive club that includes such American treasures as Bachelorette Emily Maynard, Dwight K. Schrute, Kanye West, and every baseball player ever. Meanwhile, D-listers like Jennifer Lawrence and Blue Ivy Carter will have to wait their turn.

Or, we guess they could just have one custom made.