It’s Really Football Season Because Tom Brady Has a New Billboard for Uggs

Happy September, everyone.

Rejoice, fans, because football season is here. The Pats lost their final preseason game last night to the New York Giants, and Tom Brady’s new billboard for Ugg boots is now paneled in its rightful place over the Mass Pike.

Although a lot of talk these days surrounds Brady’s mortality (we’re coping) and that second-rounder Jimmy Garoppolo is the heir to Brady’s throne (but he isn’t—yet), the reality is this: Nobody can ever replace Tom Brady in that emotional spot reserved in our hearts—and the literal spot reserved on the Pike—for Brady and his damn Uggs.

Like clockwork, the billboard seems to be replaced with a new brooding photo of our quarterback every September. This time around, he sports a pensive demeanor behind an “inkwell” Instagram filter. Brady’s intimate partnership with UGGs and its placement over the Pike go way back. Here’s a trip down memory lane:  


Last October: The “Wait, Is This Ad for Gap?” Look.


Last September: The “I Might Be an LL Bean Dad” Look.


May 2013: The “I’m Pissed They Took Away My Soulful Bench” Look.


Again in May 2013: The “This Dog Is Debatably More Handsome Than Me” Look.


February 2013: The “It’s Winter and I’m Finally Sporting a Jacket” Look.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 11.06.16 AM


And people are sad when it’s gone: