Tom Conroy Hearts New York?

A pretty funny gaffe makes its way to cyberspace.

I almost hate to do this, because I’ve been woefully inadequate about covering the state Treasurer race—including state representative Tom Conroy, who has run an impressive campaign after what I thought was a less-than-stellar U.S. Senate race a couple of years ago.

So I almost feel bad about revealing this gaffe. Almost, but not really.

A sharp-eyed citizen, uninvolved in the state Treasurer race, has brought to my attention this lovely Boston Harbor photo that anchors the bottom of Tom Conroy’s website:

conroy site

Except that this isn’t Boston Harbor. It isn’t even Massachusetts. My source saw through the fog that it is, in fact, the South Street Seaport area of Lower Manhattan—seen more clearly in this travel site photo:

conroy NYC

Conroy infamously walked the entire length of Massachusetts for his ill-fated Senate race. He should know what’s part of the Bay State and what’s actually THE HEART OF THE EVIL EMPIRE.