Medford Resident to Returning Students: ‘Nobody Likes You’ [Updated]

Kim Costa's PSA sends a brutally honest message to Greater Boston's swarm of students, and it's a hit on Facebook.

Medford resident Kim Costa has something “really important” to say—and she seems to have a lot of supporters behind her—to all of the students who just returned to the Boston area to begin a new semester: nobody likes you, and there’s no need for you.


In a rant posted to her Facebook page last week, which has since been shared more than 4,000 times, Costa bashes what she deems cocky attitudes of the young residents that call the city home for a limited time, and tries to impart some local wisdom on them with a Boston finesse so they know where they stand in the societal ranks.

Here’s Costa’s speech to students, which she seemed to record while driving, in full. (Editor’s note: The video has since been taken offline, but you can listen to the audio here.):

Real quick reminder to all the college students coming back to Boston to continue their higher education. This is really important. This is something you are going to carry through your entire academic career in the 617 area code: nobody likes you, you’re a visitor here; an interloper. I want you to keep that in mind when you’re strutting through the crosswalk in Harvard Square with your pink popped collar and your fucking Banana Republic, date-rape slacks. You have been obsolete to me since my 21st birthday. No need for yah. I’m sure when you graduate you’ll want to move here cause it’s so awesome—and you’re right, were awesome. But people like you will be contained to places like Lexington and Concord, where you can live, and wear Tivas, and recycle, and have a kid when you’re 50 years old. And you know what, we probably wont like them either. And with that, welcome back.

The video has since been turned private, but not before garnering thousands of comments describing it as “funny,” “awesome,” and “true.” While the majority of people commenting have been hailing Costa for her no-holds-barred honesty and one-liners, some people are posting negative responses (and, it’s important to note, are quickly shot down by Costa’s burgeoning fan base).

When asked if her post was meant to be tongue-in-cheek, Costa stood by her harsh sentiments.

“I meant it, I grew up near Tufts, I worked in Davis Square for 10 years—these kids suck. They don’t tip, and they’re the ones flipping cars during the f****** World Series,” she said.

Costa admitted that she was surprised by how quickly the video spread online, and thought it would just be a funny take on how drastically the area changes with the start of the fall semester that she would chuckle at with her immediate friends.

“I got really anxious that everyone would hate it, but Boston and the surrounding areas love it. People from other college towns and touristy areas appreciate it too,” she said. “I stopped reading the comments on the shared ones, because some people took it real personal. They hate me.”