Video Shows Teen Train-Surfing On Top of Moving MBTA Vehicle

MBTA Transit Police are investigating the incident, they said.

MBTA officials are investigating after a video posted to Facebook that shows a teen riding on the roof of a moving Orange Line train in Boston started to make the rounds on Wednesday.

The video, which depicts someone climbing out of a speeding vehicle, making his way to the roof, and performing stunts as the train passes under bridges along the tracks, has been shared more than 200 times since it first went up on Wednesday afternoon.

“Subway surfing in real life lmfaoo!,” the person who posted the video wrote on his Facebook page. “I’m the craziest one out of TSW.”

More than 300 people liked the post, and 79 others commented as of Thursday morning.

MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo said the Transit Police are aware of the video, and detectives are investigating the incident. “Obviously, such behavior is completely unacceptable,” he said.

In the video, the person on the roof completes a handstand without falling over, as the person behind the camera riding on the Orange Line train cheers him on.

While many people called the stunt “crazy” in the comments section of the original Facebook post, and laughed at the risky maneuver, others were appalled by the behavior, including someone who allegedly works for the MBTA. “Not cute at all this is very dangerous, and what happens if [you] fall or got your head cut off?,” one person wrote. “Really, this is selfish and suicide. You’re not thinking about [your] family or ours, meaning the drivers. I hope they catch you before its too late. Traumatized.”

The person who posted the video waved off the criticism about the daring stunt, which could have ended with a fatality, and said it’s something he has always wanted to do. “Fuck that fame shit, I only did it cause I wanted to do it since [seventh] grade,” he wrote.

Pesaturo told Boston that the charges the teen could face “are to be determined,” but at the “very least” could be trespassing.