Stuck Truck Stalls Morning Commute on Storrow Drive

The driver blamed it on his GPS.

Turns out, not only students returning to Boston for the new school year manage to get their moving trucks wedged underneath overpasses.

On Thursday morning, traffic came to a standstill after a furniture delivery truck tried to squeeze beneath a bridge crossing over Storrow Drive, causing the vehicle to tip on its side and spill the contents inside of the cab onto the road.

Police warned drivers to avoid the area and expect delays as they tried to remove the truck from the Bowker Street overpass, where the crash occurred around 7:30 a.m. The ramp to Kenmore Square and the Fenway was shut down to allow officials to work on extracting the vehicle.

Besides the furniture and damage to the truck, police said there were no serious injuries reported.

According to reports, the driver said his GPS system took him onto Storrow Drive, and he didn’t realize that the vehicle was too large to fit underneath the bridges that carry traffic above the roadway.

 A tow truck was brought in once the box was removed from the back of the vehicle so officials could clear the street and allow traffic to get through.

Here are some images from the scene: