A Nor’easter Will Ruin Your Commute on Wednesday and Thursday

Don't forget your umbrella.


The worst weather will take place Wednesday night and Thursday. / via National Weather Service

As if you couldn’t tell already, it’s fall in New England, and so far, a pretty nice one. Too bad this week your regularly scheduled programming will be interrupted with a storm brewing off the coast.

Unfortunately for us, there is a nor’easter expected to ruin our fine weather mid-week.

Fortunately for us, it’s not a huge storm that will totally ruin your life. In fact, people have been debating back and forth whether the impending storm is technically a nor’easter. While you won’t see snow, experts say yes, it will be a nor’easter, semantically speaking.

According to the National Weather Service, Boston residents can expect occasional showers to begin this evening, with heavier rain and thunderstorms taking over Wednesday night and through Thursday. While that’ll make your commute to work quite annoying, it’s Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont that will feel the brunt of the storm, with up to four inches of rain.

According to the NWS, Massachusetts doesn’t have to worry much about coastal flooding, but New Hampshire and Maine have a gale warning and chance of river flooding, beach erosion, and splashover.

Those of you in the city? Just remember that umbrella, and look forward to beautiful weekend after the sky clears.