Time for Another Election Prediction Challenge!

Earn some bragging rights by submitting your ranking below.

With one week until the Massachusetts general election, it’s time for you to weigh in with your predictions for the state-wide constitutional offices. The winner will receive bragging rights, and perhaps even take over the title of Smartest Person In Massachusetts Politics, currently held by the winner of our primary prediction contest, Kevin Gilnack.

Your challenge: predict the order, from most to least votes received, of 11 candidates in the five races. That is, total number of votes—regardless of what race they’re in—with 1 being the highest total and 11 being the lowest. (I have not included the Green-Rainbow Party candidates for Auditor, Secretary, and Treasurer, as even devoted political junkies might have difficulty knowing much about them.)

There’s a lot to consider—not only who will win, but by what margin, and with how many voters leaving the down-ballot races blank.

The scoring: 10 points for every candidate in the correct position; 5 points for each candidate off by one position in either direction; 2 points for each candidate off by two positions. A perfect ranking would have 110 points.

Your picks MUST be received by 5 p.m. Friday, October 31, via the form below. Good luck!