Is MIT All About That Based God?

Lil B is apparently going to give a "lecture" at the school in late November.

Image via YouTube

Image via YouTube

Rapper Lil B may soon be adding “professor” to his lengthy list of career achievements.

According to several tweets from the California-based, Internet-motivated emcee, the “Based God,” as he’s called, is coming to MIT on November 21 to give a “college lecture” to students.

The musician/director/composer/published author described the event, using all capital letters punctuated with excessive exclamation points, as “history.”

Looking at the school’s official events calendar, a spokesperson from the MIT media relations office said they didn’t have the rapper’s planned appearance written down anywhere—but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not happening, the source admitted.

“It just might not be publicly listed yet. He could be coming. But I can’t confirm or deny that right now,” the spokesperson said.

Chatter about the lecture has already surfaced on Reddit, with some people committed to coming from as far as Maine, hoping to score a seat for the event.

Whether Lil B actually has the event locked in with MIT, or his announcement is merely his own personal plan to travel from the Bay Area to the Bay State, hasn’t been determined. But either way, Lil B seems convinced—and extremely enthusiastic—about bringing his knowledge to the Cambridge campus.

He was so excited about announcing the news, in fact, that he tweeted it twice in less than a day:

If he does show up at MIT, it won’t be the first time the rapper stands before college students to bestow his wisdom.

In 2012, Lil B stopped in at New York University, where he shared “bugged-out” life lessons with fans, according to Complex magazine, which included his stance on “fracking” and the benefits of paying taxes.