Bruins Fan Gets Series of Fist Bumps from Players Coming Off the Ice

The young sports enthusiast was all smiles.

The Bruins may get brutal on the ice, but when it comes to their young fans, they’re a bunch of softies.

In a video posted on November 4 by HockeyWebcaster, players are seen skating off the ice after their pre-game warmup before stopping briefly to bump fists with someone who just may be their biggest-little fan.

The first first bump was a little rough, with Bruins center Gregory Campbell’s show of solidarity causing the kid in the video to pull back his hand, giving it a little shake. But it didn’t stop him from putting his arm right back out there for the rest of the team.

One-by-one, as the Bruins stepped out of the rink and headed for the locker room, they each recognized the kid, decked out in Bruins gear, and quite possibly made his day (we’re basing that assumption on the size of the smile on his face).

The Bruins went on to beat the Panthers 2-to-1 in overtime that night, which no doubt made their young fan’s experience all the better, even when the fist bumps came to an end.