Eight Super-Geniuses Win the Election Prediction Challenge

Bragging rights all around.

Of 265 entries in my Election Prediction Challenge, eight came oh-so-close to a perfect score—if one of them had foreseen that Scott Lively would get more votes than Jeff McCormick (19,192 to 16,125 in unofficial returns), we would be able to crown a single, perfect-score superstar. So, so close to becoming a Massachusetts political punditry legend.

Still, a pretty darn good job, and kudos to Ernie Adams, Andrew Carden, Al Gordon, Lance Harris, Barney Keller, Lyn Ketterer, Ryan McCollum, and Ken Van Tassel.

I wonder how many of them would have gotten tripped up if I hadn’t accidentally left out the Auditor candidates though? Ah well. Thanks to everybody who participated.

Here’s the order of finish, with the Auditor candidates included just FYI, and unofficial vote tallies:

1. Bill Galvin, Secretary: 1,391,703

2. Maura Healey, Attorney General: 1,275,252

3. Suzanne Bump, Auditor: 1,141,788

4. Deb Goldberg, Treasurer: 1,115,042

5. Charlie Baker, Governor, 1,041,640

6. Martha Coakley, Governor: 1,001,279

7. Mike Heffernan, Treasurer: 825,701

8. John Miller, Attorney General: 790,884

9. Patricia Saint Aubin, Auditor: 752, 881

10. Dave D’Arcangelo, Secretary: 594,633

11. Evan Falchuk, Governor: 71,144

12. Scott Lively, Governor: 19,192

13. Jeff McCormick, Governor: 16,125