Transit Police Claim Rider Took Train Victim’s Phone

Officers said the suspect watched the woman get hit, and then walked off with the device.

Images via transit Police

Images via transit Police

MBTA Transit Police said that after a man on a Red Line platform at Downtown Crossing watched a woman get hit and killed by an oncoming train, he walked over and hid the victim’s dropped phone under his foot, before he picked it up and walked away.

Officers posted pictures of the alleged thief on their blog Friday, one day after the fatal accident occurred. Police said the man, whose image was captured by security cameras inside Downtown Crossing station, likely observed the train hit the female on the tracks. The suspect’s facial expression in one of the images shared by police seems to indicate that he may have witnessed the fatal accident as it happened.

Police said it was during their subsequent investigation into the incident that they discovered the victim’s phone had “dislodged upon impact and landed on the platform.” That’s when they claim the suspect swooped in, hid the device underneath his foot until the coast was clear, and then scooped it up and left the scene of the accident.

“At this time the male depicted within, who we believed observed the incident, walked over to the phone and placed his foot on top of the phone. The male keeps his foot on top of the phone as he scans the area apparently to see if anyone is watching him,” police said, referencing surveillance footage. “The male then reaches down and takes possession of the decedent’s phone, places it into his pocket, and casually walks away.”

Police are asking anyone with information about the individual to contact them. 

Thursday’s accident at Downtown Crossing marked the second time in as many weeks that someone was hit and killed by an MBTA train. Last week, a person died after being struck by an Orange Line vehicle entering a station.

Transit Police detectives along with representatives from the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office are investigating the fatal collission that occurred on Thursday night, but no foul play is suspected.