Patriots Fans’ Favorite Musical Act: One Direction

We're the biggest Directioners in the NFL.


Football fans are not typically known for their love of sugary pop music sung by swoony British boy bands with a fervent gay following. But the New England Patriots have never really settled for typical, now have they?

StubHub, the online ticket seller, examined data on users who had bought NFL tickets since 2012, then cross-referenced it with the concerts for which each team’s fans also bought tickets. According to the Wall Street Journal, most NFL teams had overlapping tastes. Six teams chose Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Six more chose Luke Bryan. Three teams chose Billy Joel. The Patriots, though, well, our tastes are just a bit more iconoclastic, a bit less run-of-the-mill. Call us hipsters, but we don’t listen to the same dumb music that everyone else does. We’re not sheeple. No, we’re #TeamZayn.

Indeed, people who buy New England Patriots tickets on StubHub also tended to purchase One Direction tickets. The British quintet was our favorite act, and we were the only team in the league to choose them.

One Direction has actually performed at Gillette before, donning Patriots garb in the promotional materials to woo the cross-over football fans. The band just released their fourth studio album, and they’re performing again in 2015 for their (sort of half-heartedly named) “On the Road Again” tour. Yes, by the way, their 2015 Gillette date is already on the schedule (but we’re sure you already knew that).

There were a few other NFL fan bases that had a unique choice in musical act. The Denver Broncos, for instance, probably aren’t going to taunt us much for our love of bubblegum pop. After all, their top act was Katy Perry, who is reportedly slated to perform at this year’s Super Bowl.

And hey, if it ends up that Denver and New England vie for a spot in that game, maybe we’ll rebrand it as AFC Face-off: KatyCats vs. Directioners.



Update, 1 p.m., November 18: The reference to the Pats-Broncos face-off in the final paragraph has been clarified for accuracy.