True Detective Season 2: The Weston Golf Club

Get ready for a true crime tale that will chill you to the bone.

Denim image by djkeino on Flickr.

Denim image by djkeino on Flickr.

Crime dramas—whether real or fictional—are always looking to tell unsettling stories of the tears in the fabric of human society. From “Serial” to “True Detective,” from In Cold Blood to Crime and Punishment, we love an account that feels harrowingly real. So may we humbly suggest that everyone go and read the terrifyingly true story coming out of Weston, Massachusetts, as uncovered by the Boston Globe, because this is as real a story as there will ever be.

It begins, as they all do, in the dark parking lot of a seemingly “safe” area: The Weston Golf Club.

[A]s Stephen and Charlotte Weeple walked toward the clubhouse around 10:45 p.m, they were intercepted by club president Tom Ferry. The Weeples are not members but they and other guests were meeting Weston GC members for a nightcap in the clubhouse bar.

Ferry believed the Weeples were in violation of the dress code and used profane language to tell them jeans are not allowed on the grounds, according to a letter the couple wrote to the club’s directors.

What happened next differs depending on the account being given, but one thing we know from the Globe‘s reporting: “At 10:58, Weston police received a 911 call reporting a fist fight in progress.”

The incident broke up, but this thing was far from over. The ensuing investigation—and make no mistake, there was an actual investigation by the club’s directors—uncovered a deep-rooted network of 10 more perps wearing denim, who were ultimately punished. Letters were written, statements were issued. The disgraced Ferry ultimately resigned.

The best crime dramas tell us something about ourselves, or else they give us insight into another community, showing us what happens when it is thrown into disarray. Here, for instance, we learn about the strange rituals of the WASP in his or her native habitat, for whom denim has long been a potent source of controversy. (Key quote: “Having grown up and spent much of my life in golf clubs around Scotland and officers’ clubs in the military, I am fully aware and respectful of dress code and etiquette,” Mrs. Weeple wrote in a letter to the club’s directors.)

It’s a tale that we’ve seen before. Recall the scandal that ensued when the Yale Club of NYC waived its denim policy to house refugees of Hurricane Sandy (with Yale degrees).

So this one’s got all the elements of the next Emmy-winning crime drama. Expect to see it dramatized on HBO (or, okay, fine, probably Bravo) in a matter of months.