Samuel Adams Beer Posts Mock X-Ray of State House Time Capsule

Founder Jim Koch wants a crack at the beer he thinks is inside the box.

image via Boston Beer Company

image via Boston Beer Company

As the city waits patiently to get a peep of the artifacts in the time capsule uncovered from a granite stone at the State House on Beacon Hill, which was placed there by the likes of Paul Revere and Samuel Adams in 1795, local brewers from the Boston Beer Company said Friday that they got an “exclusive” first look at an X-ray of the box’s contents.

OK, not really. But they made a pretty good joke about what could be inside.

On their Facebook page, makers of Sam Adams beer posted a mock X-ray of the time capsule that showed coins, papers, a small horse—likely belonging to Revere—and a six pack of their New England brews, which are named after the historic figure responsible for embedding the time capsule inside the building’s stone more than 200 years ago, and feature Revere’s face on the beer labels.

“A preliminary scan of the 1795 time capsule, buried by Paul Revere and Samuel Adams at the Massachusetts State House, reveals a few surprising items. Alongside some coins and unspecified documents appears to be a six-pack of Samuel Adams beer,” the company joked on their Facebook page. “While Mr. Adams was the governor at the time, it was also widely known he was a skilled brewer.”

That part may have some truth to it, but the likelihood of there being any novelty brews bubbling inside the time capsule is merely a fantasy. In the event there is some beer to be discovered, founder Jim Koch said he would be first in line to get a taste of it, “to see how well it has aged.”

Our guess is probably not well.

The real X-ray of the time capsule is scheduled to take place this weekend, on Sunday, and by next week residents will know what the container truly holds.