Mark Cuban Reportedly Traded for Rajon Rondo from Backstage at the Colbert Report

But how was your Thursday night?


Sportscaster Keith Olbermann joined every other notable human ever last night at the final taping for The Colbert Report. From there, he reported a fun bit of behind-the-scenes color about the Celtics trade of Rajon Rondo to the Dallas Mavericks.

Colbert, who will take over hosting duties at the Late Show later this year, bid farewell to his Comedy Central show with a “We Are the World”-esque sing-along featuring celebrities, artists, writers, diplomats, and journalists (and Big Bird). Olbermann tweeted out a few photos of Mavericks owner Mark Cuban standing backstage around the time the deal first broke. Then after the trade became public, he tweeted:

That’d be Sam Waterston, Jeff Daniels, and United Nations Ambassador Samantha Power, who grew up in Ireland and is a well-known Boston sports fan.

So, yeah, apparently Mark Cuban finalized the deal to acquire a star point guard for the team he owns while also juggling some other business—you know, normal stuff like bidding farewell to a cultural icon while surrounded by the nation’s notables. But did you have a good Thursday night? Let me guess, you watched a DVR’d Amazing Race, ordered some Thai food, then took a Zzzquil. God, life is so small.