Daredevil Dylan Polin Does Flip Over Red Line Tracks

He won't be trying it again anytime soon.

For years, Parkour expert Dylan Polin has dreamed of doing a flip over the Red Line tracks, from platform to platform, at Park Street Station. Last month, that dream came true.

After waiting for a train to depart the landing, Polin hurled his body over the tracks, before getting his footing on the middle platform where riders transfer between the Red and Green Line. Polin posted a short video clip of the stunt to Instagram, eliciting a reaction from users on Reddit.

“It was something that, going through Park Street station and practicing Parkour, I have been wanting to do for a long time,” he told Boston. “I spent the last few months getting mentally prepared for it, and then me and a couple of buddies went down there and I just did it. I’m pretty happy about it. I got it out of my system, that’s all I needed to do.”

With the video gone public, Polin said some are “freaking out” about the risks involved with launching over train tracks, where a live third rail is below. But Polin said he has been practicing Parkour for a decade, and what may look like a one-time stunt to people passing by, or watching him perform, is actually his full-time profession.

“It started out as a side hobby when I was 13 or 14, and I decided to emulate it. Over the years the sport grew and competitions grew, and five years ago I started coaching it part time,” said Polin. “Then I just started competing and doing international competitions.”

His next endeavor? Opening up a Parkour gym in Canton where he can teach others interested in the growing sport how to do the stunts, jumps, leaps, and bounds. “It will be catered toward the progression of Parkour and the methodology behind it,” he said.

While people on the platform seemed impressed—and stunned—by Polin’s stunt, officials from the MBTA were none-too-pleased. “There is nothing impressive nor cool about it. An incredibly foolish and extraordinarily stupid act,” said T spokesman Joe Pesaturo.

Luckily for the transit agency, now that he’s accomplished his goal Polin has no desire to duplicate the act. “That was just something small I wanted to do there. You could go back, but it would be pointless. I know I can do it, and it’s not worth risking the legality of it,” he said.

To see more stunts by Polin, check out his videos on YouTube.