Haters Gon’ Hate, But No One Cares Because the Pats Are Going to the Super Bowl

They say it's lonely at the top, but the view is pretty great from the Krafts' box.

Haters Gon' Hate / CBS


Ah, the sweet sound of victory. The Patriots took the AFC Championship title on Sunday night in a huge win over the Indianapolis Colts at Gillette, and although we get it, we don’t care about your salty non-New Englander attitude. Because the Pats are going to the Super Bowl—for the sixth time in 14 seasons.

While the Pats had a bossy game throughout, taking out the Colts with a final score of 7-45, the Brady/Gronk/Edelman Dream Team was in its absolute prime. Brady even showed off his footwork in a play that shows he’s still a QB overachiever:

On the flip side for the Colts, Adam Vinatieri, former Patriots kicker, had a rough moment when he missed a field goal by a long shot. The chances of this happening were so slim that an apocalypse seemed more likely.

Ultimately, the night was pretty revolutionary style-wise for male figures at Foxboro, including John Kerry, who was sporting quite the power scarf. Here he is in all his pensiveness up in the very exclusive Kraft booth, probably praying to the Gods of Brady.



Fashion maverick Bill Belichick gave style bloggers a run for their money with his pregame ensemble. He’s a guy with a true knack for mod fads.

As the CBS anchors reported following the game, the Brady-Belichick dynasty has proven that with Brady, Belichick may me one of the best head coaches of all time. CBS reports that Brady has a record of 20 post-season wins—more playoff wins than 21 current NFL franchises. That’s utterly staggering.

So AFC championship = check. We’ll see you two weeks from now in Arizona. Super Bowl XLIX, here we come. And please, keep this kind of thing coming: