CNN Anchor Laughs on Air at Patriots ‘Deflated Balls’ Joke

Adults are children, too.

The Patriots may have gotten themselves into a scandal as the NFL continues investigating a conspiracy concerning intentional deflation of footballs during the AFC title game. But the better part of the situation involves a CNN anchor feeling considerably silly during a discussion about said deflated footballs.

Anchor Brianna Keilar had commentator and Pats fan Mel Robbins on the air with her when Robbins said, “My first reaction was—I was just thrilled to hear that any investigation into deflated balls by the NFL—that it didn’t involve steroids and it was just about letting air out of an actual football.”

Keilar did not even try to hide her snicker at the mention of “deflated balls,” and poor Robbins plowed on with her joke that we’re sure she couldn’t wait to use.

“I know, Brianna couldn’t even get herself together,” Robbins said giving herself loads of credit. “I couldn’t resist!”

“Oh my gosh, you don’t even know. I’m just trying to say ‘footballs’ and not get myself in trouble inadvertently, but you went there, Mel Robbins.”

Oh, Brianna, we’re here for you.