With More Deflategate Overkill, a Video Parodies What Patriots Fans are Thinking

Deflategate will never die.

Now that Bill Belichick has stepped out with his non-thoughts on deflategate, the local blogger from TownieNew.com released a parody video of what New England fans are probably thinking.

The video features the fictional character “Paul Fitzy Fitzgerald,” the same guy who made a reaction video to the Derek Jeter “Respect” commercial from last summer. In this video above, Fitzy makes fun of the press conference song and dance that Belichick and Brady are subject to, but is more, well, frank about the situation from New England’s perspective.

A classic New Englander line from Fitzy: “Gimme a break. I’m sure that a deflated football is the reason why LeGarrette Blount was able to run through the Colts defensive in the AFC Championship like a hot knife through a froyo.”

The video’s description includes a disclaimer on Townie News:

I don’t presume to speak for all Pats fans, but this is how I feel about #DeflateGate, and I bet you do, too. #INFLATETHIS #LETSGOPATS

Nothing is going to take away from my love of this team, or how excited I am to (hopefully) see them right the wrong of the desert. Not even a dozen (or 11) saggy balls.

OK, guy, you get us.