Here’s the Inevitable Bill Cosby/Deflategate Joke You Knew Was Coming

Thanks again, Conan.

The Patriots have been accused of cheating by deflating footballs (what, you didn’t know?) and everyone is hopping on that Deflategate train now. This doesn’t exclude late night comedians—Conan O’Brien is bringing back the football scandal for the second time this week with another joke in his monologue. This time, though, Conan turned over that Bill Cosby/Deflategate joke we all knew had to happen at some point.

“I mentioned the New England Patriots earlier and their Deflategate scandal. Now of course, I looked into it, and this is not the first time the Patriots have been accused of cheating,” Conan said in his monologue.

He then goes into a series of made up cheating scenarios like putting magnets in the opposing team’s helmets, illegal uses of helicopters, and widening the goal post (“They didn’t think anyone would notice!”). But finally the puncher:

“That time they put Bill Cosby in charge of the opposing team’s Gatorade.” The joke followed a series of disdainful “Oooooh’s” from the audience, and then it lead to cheerful woo-hooing.

Conan O’Brien strikes again.