MBTA Workers Out in Full Force During Storm

They're keeping paths and station entrances clear so people can get to work this week.

Image via MBTA

Image via MBTA

Although the MBTA will be shut down for the entire day on Tuesday, some transit employees spent the night driving Green Line trolleys up and down the tracks to keep them clear of snow, so that workers will have a safe commute come Wednesday.

“We need to keep working as part of concerted efforts to restore service as soon as possible after the storm passes,” said MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo.

Even without service, Pesaturo said that operations personnel, engineering and maintenance workers, machinists, track and signal workers, members of the power department, and dispatchers and supervisors working for the T all reported for duty Tuesday morning, as the blizzard swirled snow around in the air at high speeds, dropping more than 20 inches in some parts of the state.

Others worked straight through the night, officials said.

Boston Carmen’s Union Local 589, which represents transit employees, posted a motivating message to workers late Monday, prior to the worst of the storm, reminding them that they have a duty to keep the transit system going, even when there are no customers in sight.

“All MBTA personnel are considered essential and, therefore, are required to report to work,” representatives from the union said. “This will be another one of those times that 589 shows this company and our riding public that we do our job and we are not afforded the same liberties as most other workforces.”

Governor Charlie Baker signed an executive order Monday night banning people from driving on the roads during the blizzard, unless they’re needed at work for certain essential services.

MBTA workers, the Carmen’s Union said, fall under that category.

“We understand the role we play and the need for us to be out there through all kinds of adversities, whether it be floods, rain, blizzards, bomb scares, terrorists or anything they throw our way―because we keep Massachusetts moving!”

The MBTA is updating passengers on their progress during the storm by sharing videos and photos from their Twitter account. Weather permitting, the MBTA is expected to reopen by Wednesday, once the blizzard passes and the tracks and stations are properly cleared.