‘Genius’ Skis From Second Floor of South End Building

He made a safe landing—and then went back for more.


While most people were trying to figure out where to put the snow that piled up on the sidewalks from the blizzard, one daredevil in the South End was plotting his next stunt on skis.

While walking through the city on Tuesday, a Boston resident captured video of a skier gearing up to take the plunge from the first floor overhang of an apartment building on East Brookline Street, down onto the snow mounds below.

The skier, who made the landing, wasn’t injured, but his attempt at bringing an Olympic feat to an urban setting could have ended badly— there was apparently a small steel fence buried beneath the piles of snow just below his point of takeoff.

“Not only did he land alright, he put on a snowboard and went for round two,” the person who shot the short clip told Boston. “Maybe not the brightest, but pretty athletic.”

Meanwhile, in Beacon Hill, people were snowboarding down the narrow streets.