You Should Watch the Taiwanese Animators’ Recap of Super Bowl XLIX

Though a warning: It may haunt you.

You really have to watch this CGI recap of Super Bowl XLIX made by Taiwan-based Next Media Animation, though we caution you: It is disturbing.

Next Media employs the strange minds that brought you other viral recaps of the news including the Tiger Woods’ car crash scandal and Aaron Hernandez’s alleged murder. Strict adherence to the facts has never been their M.O. (Their Hernandez video showed him hiding about six tons of Bubblicious in a closet in his home…) Their version of this year’s Super Bowl, similarly takes some real, uh, liberties.

To wit, it features: a fan selling her baby for tickets, Julian Edelman and Tom Brady holding hands and skipping down the 50 yard line, Gronk spiking the ball into his own groin, Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin popping a squat in the endzone, and Katy Perry farting fireworks.

(Actually, the only thing that the animators seem to have rendered more understated is Katy Perry’s halftime show. But then, it would be hard for them to out-strange some dancing sharks and a flying “The More You Know” drone.)

So yes, we’re not necessarily recommending this as enjoyable viewing. It’s mostly just … haunting. Yeah, haunting is probably the word. Then again, it still ends with Russell Wilson throwing an interception to hand the Patriots the win, so in its own way, it’s a pleasure to watch.