Aaron Hernandez Is Probably Not Enjoying the Patriots Parade

On trial for murder, he's having a very different day from his former teammates.

Associated Press

Associated Press

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

On the one hand, the New England Patriots had a pretty good day on Wednesday. Their victory parade journeyed down Boylston Street as crowds cheered them on for their big win in Super Bowl XLIX. On the other hand, former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez sat in Bristol Superior Court as prosecutors tried to prove him guilty of murder. It’s a contrast so stark, the occasional observer couldn’t help but comment on it throughout the day.

In court on Wednesday, Hernandez sat by and continued to hear testimony from Shaneah Jenkins, sister to his fiancé and girlfriend to the man Hernandez is accused of killing. On Tuesday, Jenkins told prosecutors that Hernandez tried to comfort her after her boyfriend Odin Lloyd first died. Today, she described the friendship between Hernandez and Lloyd. For Hernandez, the whole thing must sting given that, in a different world, one where he hadn’t allegedly committed murder, he’d likely be standing on a duck boat right now, enjoying an occasion so blissful, even Bill Belichick was smiling about it.  

Instead, Hernandez is sitting in court, subject to the off-color humor of a fan base that has largely gotten over losing him. (A Super Bowl victory and several murder accusations will do that.)

Surely there were a bunch of days this season when Hernandez must have felt a fair bit of FOMO while sitting in jail and watching the Patriots do their thing. But today has to be among the worst of them.