A Boston Rapper and Friends Say They Snuck Into the Super Bowl

The entire series of events are not unlike The Hangover.

What happens when a couple of Boston lads take a spur-of-the-moment trek to the Super Bowl in Arizona with no tickets, no passes, and no connections? An entire series of events leading to bizarre and irresponsible debauchery, that’s what happens. But Boston rapper Nat “Natural” Anglin and his three buddies set out on such journey, and, almost unbelievably, they lived to to tell the tale.

In a blog post so appropriately titled “A Timeline of Events: That Time a Group of Boston Transplants Snuck Into the Patriot’s Super Bowl After Party,” Anglin tells the story of, well, just that. He details every single incident from beginning to end, even down to the specific timestamps. But we’re here to just recap the cool stuff.

So on Saturday, the day before the Super Bowl, the crew set out from Los Angeles. Here are the main characters:


They arrived in Arizona later that afternoon. They went to parties at the W Hotel and places around the block, and got into these places based on “feeling confident,” which you’ll find is a common sensation they choose to act on.

On Super Bowl Sunday, the crew woke up, got to the stadium around 11:30 a.m. and found themselves surrounded by Seahawks fans. They chose to approach a bar called McFaddens, which was selling a cover of $200 a head. But with a swift glance at the guestlist, and forging new identities, they weaseled their way in. A “hodgepodge” of people were at this bar including Gronkowski’s brothers, and this pair of chill Seahawks fans:

Ok fiiiiiiine we found one cool Seattle fan. #BostonBowl #SuperBowl #Patriots #BosAngeles A photo posted by Nat Anglin (@natanglin_) on


Eventually, they were kicked out of this bar when the friend from Dorchester got into a fight, but they somehow maneuver their way back in several times by hopping fences and taking advantage of general crowd confusion. They stayed the rest of the game, and when the Patriots won, the bar, generally filled with ‘Hawks fans, went silent. The handful of “Massholes” united to sing “Sweet Caroline,” of course:


The crew went back to their temporary place of residence to get “showered up” and ready to go to the Official Patriots After Party in Chandler, Arizona. Black suits were choice attire. According to the post:

We had no tickets, no passes, no internal help and no connections that we could act like we had. We lied to the Uber driver and told him we were staying at the hotel. This allowed us to get past three roadblock checkpoints of Police activity before we even reached the front door of the hotel.

Apparently security beyond that point was not on duty yet, so three of the four walked into the party gracefully. Nat was the one who got stuck, so he “whipped his phone out and threw on his best Boston accent”:



And allegedly no one questioned him from credentials because nobody likes talking to shouting individuals wearing suits. The time was 11:40 p.m.

The next few hours “got extremely out of hand,” Nat explains in his blog, which he follows up with a series of photos and videos.



Then later (who knows when) things “got really crazy.” They all somehow made their way to the stage, which was allegedly an exclusive place reserved for players. Bob Kraft was on stage, too, and they somehow caught Kraft in his finest moments:

Well this happened. #bosangeles #bostonbowl #kraftmacaronni

A photo posted by Michael Nicoll (@miken1308) on


And a video:


And finally, a Rob Gronkowski cameo to end the night: