Photos of People Waiting for Red Line Shuttles Will Raise Your Blood Pressure

The lines for replacement shuttles on the Red Line's Braintree branch stretched for hours.

On Wednesday morning, the MBTA’s rail service resumed after shutting down Monday night. With schools back in session and roads clear, people were expected to restart their lives. For many, this meant commuting on public transit. In some cases, it did not go so smoothly.

“The old lady is moving,’’ Beverly Scott, general manager of the MBTA, said in the Boston Globe of the aging transit system. That wasn’t quite true on the Braintree branch of the Red Line. With tracks still covered in snow, train service between Quincy stations and JFK/UMass was replaced by shuttle busses. The wait time for those busses led to lines of such horrifying length, we caution you against viewing photos of the lines. Indeed, the images sent out by frustrated commuters on Twitter may cause side effects. In some cases, viewers of the photos have reported symptoms including an elevated heart rate, night terrors, and a desire to move to Florida. Okay, you’ve been warned:


The Braintree line may not be operational until next Monday, Scott said, and there’s more cold weather on the way that can always stop up the MBTA’s best laid plans. It almost makes you think that this guy was onto something. Almost.