Acclaimed NYT Media Writer and Boston University Professor David Carr Dies at 58

The city's journalists, students, and more react to his unexpected passing.

Associated Press

Associated Press

Very upsetting news for the world of journalism, indeed: David Carr, The New York Times acclaimed media writer and Boston University professor, died on Thursday evening at the age of 58.

To state that David Carr is a pure talent would be an outright understatement. Carr wrote about media for over 25 years, and joined The New York Times in 2002 after writing for The Atlantic and New York magazine. His memoir The Night of the Gun is notably about his addiction and path to recovery, written as if investigating and reporting on himself.

The Page One documentary and his famous encounter with Vice is a classic glimpse at Carr at his finest, and will continue to be the most notable portion of Journalism 101. In 2014 he joined Boston University’s staff as a professor of media studies at the College of Communication. He gave a memorable interview prior to his first course, providing a hard-ass explanation on why journalism is serious. His lively class syllabus is here.

Boston University’s Thomas Fiedler, Dean of the College of Communications, said in a statement to The Boston Globe: “What an extraordinary talent and a remarkable human being…He was generous, kind, smart, funny, and we have felt so fortunate that he had decided to start what we hoped would be a long association with Boston University.”

Here, some of Boston’s journalism and media community reacts: