Can ‘House of Cards’ Season Three Save a Stir-Crazy Boston?

One resident pleads with the company to release its upload of the show a week early.



It’ll take some extraordinary economic measures to help the Boston region recover from the financial and physical damage wreaked by the winter storms of 2015. But what extraordinary measures can we take to help alleviate the psychological damage caused by so very many hours spent huddled indoors? Let us second the request of one stir-crazy writer, who is asking Netflix to release season three of its hit show “House of Cards” early. In an open letter to Netflix published by the Globe, Kat Gonso, of Jamaica Plain, tugs at the company’s heartstrings:

We need this. Our cars and fences have been swallowed by snow. The MBTA has surrendered. Dunkin’ Donuts is closed. Whole Foods is sold out of kale. For two days, we’ve only eaten Campbell’s tomato soup.

What can Netflix do to help?

Give us an out. A way through. Release “House of Cards” early. Just for us. For one day only. It’s not too much to ask.

The next season of the show is set to premiere February 27, with all its episodes uploaded to the streaming service in one go. But what a blissful day it would be to see them in your queue this weekend, what with more snow and freezing rain in the forecast. At last, with hours upon hours of political intrigue, well-lit cigarette smoking sequences, hammy Southern accents, and breakdowns of the fourth wall, there’d be blissful distraction from the boredom. House of Cards superfans, who probably planned to put on pajamas, heat up canned soup, and make a butt-shaped imprint on their couches as soon as the season was released anyway, could do so safe in the knowledge that they didn’t have much else they should have been doing that day.

Plus, there’s precedent. Netflix already uploaded the episodes early once before, setting off a frenzy of hurried viewings at workplace computers. Of course, they immediately took them down again, saying the upload was a mistake. But hey, now we know it is in the company’s power.

We reached out to Netflix to see if they have a response to Gansu’s plea. In the meantime, we suppose the company has provided you with a few other ways to spend time. The entire run of “Friends” was uploaded last month, and unless you’re really committed, you probably haven’t rewatched it all yet. Or you could catch up on a real classic with seasons 1 through 5 of M*A*S*H, which were added to the streaming service on February 1. Seen it? Maybe check out one of the movies they’ve added. Like “RoboCop,” which was also added this month. Yeah, it’s the terrible 2014 remake, but jeez, it’s a natural disaster out there. You’re going to have to make some sacrifices.