Rob Gronkowski Tweeted a Sophisticated Dating Testimony

Today in terrible grammar news.

Associated Press

Associated Press

Rob Gronkowski—Patriots tight end, fan-fiction victim, and rumored golden retriever—apparently felt his reputation as a single, refined gentleman was at stake due to some timely rumors circling the internet.

When reported earlier this week that Gronk has been “hanging out” with model Marisa Hunter, Gronkowski’s dating status was on everyone’s radar. Owens’s source allegedly said Gronkowski and the model are “super close,” which, accompanied with Marisa’s chummy photo, naturally sparked relationship rumors.

Determined to clear up any gossip that may indicate he is off the market, and, furthermore, to share his general feelings on the female species, Rob Gronkowski took his thoughts to Twitter:

We’re so grateful Gronkowski has an outlet to provide his own raw and personal testimony on his love life. Thank you, Twitter, for allowing Gronk to confirm that he is, in fact, New England’s newly instated George Clooney (pre-Amal, obviously).


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